Common Mayan Phrases

Learn Basic Mayan Phrases We Speak In The Peninsula Of Yucatan

Ko'one'ex Kanik Maaya


Malób Kin

Baax Ca Betic?

Tin Kanik Maaya


Coox Tzicbal


Bix Á Bel?

Hach Zen Malób

Dios Bótic

Cux Tech?

Hach Zen Malób

Bix Á Kabá?

Tené In Kabá Gilmer

Let's Go To Learn Maya

Let's Go

Good Morning

What Are You Doing?

I Am Learning Maya

Good or Ok

Let's Talk

Let's Go

How Are You?

Very Good - Very Fine

Thank you or Thanks

And You?

Very Good - Very Fine

What is your Name?

My Name Is Gilmer

Would you like to know how to pronunce this mayan phrases?

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