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4 Cenotes By Bike Plus Mayan Style Cooking 

Biking to the cenotes

Visit 4 cenotes by bike and cook as a local with locals

This tour is an introduction about the cenotes and mayan style cooking around tulum. Join us and learn abot authentic traditional food and explore cenotes in one of the most quiet and welcoming towns near tulum, considered by the ancients mayans as sacred places the cenotes are one of the main attractions in the Riviera Maya. Our biking tour will takes you to 4 really local cenotes each very different from the other for you can see the variety of them. We will be a way from the huge commercial and crowded cenotes parks. Part of this tour it's cook the most authentic traditional Myan style pork (cochinita pibil), our tour will start getting to my house where I will show and explain you the ingredients of what we will be using to cook, with your help we marinate and seasoning the pork meat, cover it with banana leaves and leave it to cook for 3 hours, meanwhile it cooks we will take our bikes to go to explore, swim and snorkel in 4 cenotes from our community town, after the cenotes exploration we will get back to my house to eat our cochinita pibil (mayan style pork). As locals Mayans we would like to shere some of our culture cooking autentic local food and take you to the uncommercial cenotes to discover its mysteries.

Tour Price: 2 to 4 people $54 Usd Per Person

Tour Price: 5 to 10 people $50 Usd Per Person


- Entrance Fees

- Snorkeling Masks


- Autentic Local Food (cochinita pibil) Mayan Style Pork

- Local Guide

- Tour Time Estimate: 4 Hours

Scheduled Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Meeting Point: 20 Minutes From Tulum And 45 Minutes From Playa Del Carmen, More Details Will Be Provided Once You Reserve.  

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