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Swim & Snorkel With Sea Turtles

Snorkeling with turtles

Welcome to Akumal one place that was declared a national protected zone in march 2013 for the mexican federal laws due for to many people were not respecting the local rules when they went swimming with the turtles, before Akumal got popular anyone could get in the water to swim with them but unfortunately people did not respect and akumal got declared a national park and many more rules came up, use a life vest and guide service are mandatory right now (just in the turtle areas), the mexican federal laws allows only 400 people a day to snorkel with the turtles, there are 33 guide cooperatives authorized for it and each one can take only 12 people a day. Soliman Bay Tours working together with sociedad cooperativa de R.L.DE C.V. Permit 2302529 can offer this great tour.

Our adventure starts arriving to Akumal Beach where we will provide you all the snorkeling gear and information about how the tour will be done, after safely we will guide you in the protected area where the turtles are eating in their natural habitat and look for these aweson animals, soonest we see one we will stop for you can enjoy seeing and take some pictures of them (if you have a camera), we also will have good chance to see stingrays and different types of fish swimming aroud. we have limited places we can only guide 12 people a day on groups of 6 just like everyone that has their federal permit.

Tour Price: $47 usd per person

We Provide:

-Masks And Life Vest

-Entrance To The Beach

-Bathrooms And Showers


-Certified Tour Guide

We don't provide pick ups for this tour, meeting point will be provide once you reserve.

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