For us your and your family health is very impontant and tha's why we want to let you know that all our tours turned to be private during the covid19, we also want to let you know solimán bay tours has all the equipment washed and disinfected like always, even before the covid19 for snorkeling centers like us it was a requirement to be doing it so this is something that we used to do from we start doing tours. We also have antibacterial hand gel with 70% alcohol that you can use any time you want. We hope to see you soon

Welcome To Soliman Bay Tours Alternatives & Local Experiences

We are a small tour company owned by local guides with over 15 years of experience guiding in the Riviera Maya, and all us are people from the area, so no one better than locals will know how to tell, show and teach the surroundings.


Best Snorkeling Tulum

Ideal for those who enjoy to kayak and snorkel on the sea soliman bay tours invite you to join us for our kayaking and snorkeling activity at one of the best coral reef spots around tulum. 

Night Snorkeling
Night Snorkeling Riviera Maya
Nigth Time Snorkeling Mexico

Discover many of the sea creatures are out feeding at night that are not around during the day at all. 

2 Reefs Snorkeling By Boat
Reef Snorkeling Adventure
Snorkeling Tulum
Reef Snorkeling Riviera Maya
Reef Snorkeling Adventure Tulum

Ideal for those who want to discover everything that hides in the sea and enjoy the snorkel experience in the Mexican Caribbean.

Tours Tulum
Local Tours Riviera Maya
Cenotes Snorkeling

A perfect combination of mayan ruins, kayaking, coral reef snorkeling and underground cenote snorkeling.

 Private Fishing Trips

Family fishing trips are available with soliman bay tours. Let's go! trolling for, kingfish, wahoo, tuna bonito, barracuda, dorado (mahi mahi) and some more diferent types of fish. 

Cenotes Private Snorkeling Tour

Lose yourself in the incredible natural beauty of the riviera maya underground river systems and crystal clear waters while your guide leads you through the amazing thousands of years stalactites and stalacmites formations. 3 Cenotes

From Soliman Bay Tours we want everyone to enjoy the natural wonders that the Riviera Maya has to  offer, and for this you will not find anything better than all the experiences and activities we have,  prioritizing the natural world and the Mayan culture above everything else.

Phone: +52 1 984 141 8609

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