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3 Cenotes By Bike Tour

Cenotes Snorkeling Tulum

On this biking tour we will visit and snorkel 3 cenotes in our community town. Each cenote is different from the other, where only locals know how to get there, we will swim and explore with our snorkel masks these amazing limestone formations with their crystal clear waters, the objective of this tour is to show you local and non-commercial places in the Riviera Maya . On this tour guided by a local native, you will feel like a local person.
Considered by the ancient Mayans as sacred places, cenotes are now one of the main attractions in the Riviera Maya, our bicycle tour will take you to 3 truly local cenotes, each one different from the other so that you can discover the variety of each one.
There are many cenotes in the area that you can visit on your own but there is nothing better than a local person who knows the area to show and teach you the surroundings. 

The distances from one cenote to another are approximately 10 minutes by bicycle, a very light activity for anyone (children from 12 years old only, and adults maximum 65 years old).

We are located about 30 minutes from tulum downtown and about 50 minutes from playa del Carmen downtown, if you don't have a car you can take the colectivos from playa del Carmen downtown on the street 1 south between 45 and 50 avenue north and from tulum across the ADO bus station in downtown, (colectivos public transportation).

The tour is conducted in Spanish and English. We do one group of 8 people a day, if you are more than8 let us know to organize your tour. 

It is recommended to bring water shoes or sandals, towels, hat or cap, aquatic camera if you have some and extra cahs for tips in case if you would like to leave some after the tour.


Tour price:

- $31 USD per person

Let us know if you are a larger group than 8 people to organize your tour

Tour time estimate: 2 and a half to 3 hours 

Tour Incliudes

-Snorkeling Masks

-3 cenotes


-Lifebest (not mandatory)

-Guide service


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