Cenotes Private Snorkeling Tour

Cenotes Snorkeling Tulum

This cenotes and cavern snorkeling tour will take you to a natural wonder underground of crystal clear water and amazing stalactite and stalacmite formations that grew thousands of years ago when these caves were dry. The crystal clear water offers excellent visibility and the spectacular formations of stalactite, stalacmite and columns makes a truly unique and special snorkeling experience. We will be snorkeling in two cave cenotes part of the bigest underground river system on the world and swimming in one small cenote of a local community town (my home town). 

Tour price:

-2 to 3 people: $145 USD per person

-4 to 5 people: $125 USD per person

-6 to 8 people: $105 USD per person

Kids from 6 to 11 years olod: $70 usd each

Let us know if you are a bigger group than 8 people to organize your tour

Tour time estimate: 4 hours 

We provide

-Round trip transportation from your hotel

-Full sanitizade snorkeling gear

-Entrance fees to the cenotes

-Waterproof flash lights

-Lunch in a local restaurant

-Personalized guide service


Cenotes Tulum
Cenotes Tulum


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Soliman Bay Tours
Soliman Bay Tours

Cenotes Tulum
Cenotes Tulum


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If you have your own transportation or rental car take advantege for it and just hire one of our local guides to ride with you in your car or transportation and guide you in the area and the cenotes.

Tour price using your own rental car:

-2 to 3 people: $80 usd per person

-4 to 5 people: $75 usd per person

-6 to 8 people: $65 usd per person

Kids from 6 to 11 years old: $50 usd each

We provide:

-Personalized guide service

-Full sanitized snorkeling gear

-Waterproof flash lights

-Entrance fees to all the cenotes & parking lot